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Re: xconsole problem

On 20/11/99 Brian Servis wrote:

I fixed it by adding my user to the adm group. I don't know the
reasononing behind having xconsole as group adm though.  It is the
only device in /dev with that group ownership.  Remember that passwords
and other private info can be put on the logs so don't make it world

normally xconsole is run as root so everyone can see what goes into /dev/xconsole anyway. I shut this off because I think its a bad idea.

/etc/X11/xdm/xdm.options comment out the line `run-xconsole'

same way for wdm just subsitute xdm for wdm.

I do think that letting users see certain messages is a good thing, such as kernel messages about media errors on a device, say the CDROM, but what is being tossed into /dev/xconsole for everyone to see though the root owned xconsole process (very bad! don't run stuff like that as root!) is way too much. IMParanoidO anyway.

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