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Potatos modutils & ksymoops

I just upgraded my ALSA and lm_sensors packages via ´apt-get´ which
also gave me a new modutils version (2.3.6-8). Everything went fine
except that i am getting the following errors on boot-up now:

Loading modules: joystick /lib/modules/2.2.12/misc/joystick.o: cannot create
/var/log/ksymoops/19991020051253.ksyms No such file or directory

I get these errors for every module I want to load through
/etc/modules. Problem is that I have my /var directory placed
on a seperate partition and it gets mounted _after_ the modules
get loaded. 

I could create a /var/log/ksysoops on my root-partition, so the
directory exists on boot-up before my /var-partition gets mounted.
But I guess I would end up with dozens of log-files on my 
root-partition with ´insmod_ksymoops_clean´ unable to delete them.

So, is there a way to prevent the creation of these ksymoops logs?

Martin Koch

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