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Re: WDM troubles

On 19/11/99 Christian Dysthe wrote:

I am trying to make WDM work on my Debian (potato) box. After having
installed it I am not longer able to log in even though I know I type in
the correct passwords. WDM "shakes it's head" as if the passwords are
wrong. They aren't. It doesn't matter which account I am trying to log
into. Same result.

you might want to check that /etc/pam.d/wdm exists and is in proper order, i have found a couple packages forgetting to include a pam file which will often lead to authentication with them failling. (not always unless you change pam.d/other to deny access (which the developers should do so they notice when they have a pam bug...))

I am using wdm and it works fine.  (except for not loading the environment)

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Ethan Benson
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