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Re: Corel linux

On Wed, 17 Nov 1999, Charles Lewis wrote:

lewisc >Anyone know what kind of effect corel is having on debian? Is their distro
lewisc >debian or not? What are the major differences? Corel apparently touts a 3
lewisc >step, user friendly installation. Does this mean that debian itself will
lewisc >also reflect the work Corel has done?

I was a beta tester for beta 2 ..and downloaded and attempted install of
the final on 2 machines here.  the distro is debian with lots of updated
stuff it seems(think its running the latest XF86)  its based on
slink(glibc 2.0.7) the installation will prob not be part of debian
anytime soon..i doubt corel is up to releasing it as GPL.  chances are low
that a non free installer(even if its released free if its license is not
debian compadible) will not be incnluded in debian.

i much prefer being able to install on a text based OR a graphics based
system.  corel does not appear to offer this ability.  on the first system
i tried the final on (Winbond graphics)  the X installer booted up, X
loaded..then it shutdown and rebooted..i let it try 3-4 times but gave up
after..i installed it on a vmware virtual machine and it installed ok but
wouldnt boot into X in SVGA due to it not having the vmware svga
driver(not a problem to get tho)  im gonna try it on my k6-2 366 with riva
tnt and see how it goes.


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