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encryption licenses

It's been really hard for me to get whats needed in terms of liceses(if
any) for encryption.

What i'd like to know, if anyone can enlighten me is whats teh deal with
using encryption in a commercial enviornment?  I downgraded my SSH 2
servers to SSH1 a while back when i heard that the license had changed in
regaurds to commercial use.  Another question is SSL ..there are a few
GPL/free SSL servers/modules out there..but are they clear for commercial
use?  Or do you just have to pay/register to use the certificates for SSL
transactions? and lastly i am in the process of installing vpnd and
testing it out as a encryption method for a (doh) vpn :)  it has
encryption too..and is GPL..whats the general rule to go about this kind
of stuff?  i've seen a lot of legal stuff on pages (like the mod_ssl
homepage) but its really beyond me as to what applies to me and what



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