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I have a few miscellaneous questions

I am a new Debian user and have a few problems to clear up. Any help is
appreciated. Please reply to me directly since I have not yet got myself
on the User mailing list. Thanks

Question #1 - Have a problem with Quake2 getting CD audio, error is
"sr0: CDROM (ioctl) reports ILLEGAL REQUEST" Anyone have any thoughts? I
am running kernel 2.2.12 using SCSI emulation. Note my cd drives are IDE
but the kernel is emulating them as SCSI, could this be causing the
problem? Is the problem kernel related or with the Quake2 binary?

Also Quake2 will not recognize my mouse, though it is set up in
vgalib.conf.  There are no messages output regarding my mouse and
sometimes it seems to work for a half second or so and then quits. Can't
figure out why. Any thoughts?

Question #2 - Does anyone know what .deb package the program 'db2html'
is in? Is there even a .deb package that contains this program?

Question #3 - Whenever I boot up I must do an 'ifconfig eth0' to
get my ethernet card working. Is there a config file or something that I
can edit so that these parameters are set automatically on bootup.

Question #4 - What is the equivalent of rc.local in Debian?


James Carscadden
org:University of Waterloo;Math - Computer Science
adr:;;35 Annesley Ave.;Toronto;Ontario;M4G 2T5;Canada
fn:James Carscadden

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