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null-modem PPP connection from Windows

Peter S Galbraith writes:
 > A friend want to connect his Debian laptop and a Windows box
 > through a null-modem cable;  we thought a PPP link would be most
 > flexible in terms of usability (http, ftp, telnet, etc).
 > He uncommented the `getty -L ttyS1 19200 vt100' line in
 > /etc/inittab and added the serail port to /etc/securetty.
 > In the Windows log files, he can see that the "Debian GNU/Linux 2.1" 
 > login prompt appear.

Don't start a getty instead start pppd from init or a shell script in /etc/init.d/. See the manuals.

 > The question is now to get pppd started automatically instead of
 > a shell login.  Is that done using the `-l login_program' getty
 > option? 
 > Any hints out there?
 > Thanks
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Just curious, how do you set up the Winbug side of the ppp connection

It alway think of a modem involved.


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