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Re: setting the date with date [ Netdate ]

On 05-Nov-1999, Dave Sherohman <esper@usinternet.com> wrote:
> Peter Ross said:
> > There is no difference between netdate and ntpdate, however the xntp
> > package provides some more services that allow a clock to be kept in
> > sync with another clock continuously.
> Right, but, as I said in my original question, ntpdate is a package unto
> itself.  I don't know about the xntp package (according to my machines, it
> doesn't exist), but the ntp package recommends the ntpdate package.
> So if netdate is in one of the standard/base networking packages and netdate
> is identical to ntpdate, why does the ntpdate package exist?
OK.  You must be running potato, because ntpdate is not a seperate
package in slink but part of xntp3.

Sorry for the confusion.

Maybe the difference is that ntpdate can only connect to NTP (network
time protocol) servers, while most (all?) UNIX machines run a different
service which netdate connects to.  I think this is what is happening
after reading the respective docs.


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