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RE: telnet not working on home LAN is what is called a private IP.  It sounds like you have a DSL
router or something similar.  It is using network address translation.  The
only public IP is assigned to the router by your ISP.

When a machine on your LAN talks through your router, the router strips off
the IP of the local machine and puts the router's own public IP in it's
place and sends it out as it's own message.  When a reply comes back, the
router does the opposite.  It strips it's own IP out and puts your local
machine's IP back in.  You local machine never knows the difference.

To telnet in under these circumstances, you must do two things:

1. Find out the Public IP of your router or DSL modem or cable modem.
2. Set up your router to forward all telnet (port 21) request to your debian

Your public IP of your router may change each time you log in.  This is
called a dynamic IP.  If it is the same and assigned to you permanently, it
is a static IP.

If it is dynamic, please go to www.tzo.com.  They will register a domain for
you.  Then you run local software on your Linux or windows machine which
tells them you connected and what you IP is.  You domain will be
your_domain.tzo.com.  When you run their software, it will update their DNS
so your_domain.tzo.com will always point to your machine.

I have done this before with a friends DSL router and his home network.
What router type do you have ?  I might know some web pages you can use to
configure it.

Saying it another way, is not a public IP and cannot be routed on
the internet.  This address must be translated to a public IP number.  A lot
of people do this with a private IP like or  Then get
one IP number which is cheaper.  They use network address translation to
allow all of them to share the one public IP.  The only part of your network
that is visible to the internet is your router.  To set up local servers,
you must tell the router which machine gets requests from the internet for
each thing like FTP,WWW,Telnet,Gopher.

If you have any questions, please write back.  This is a little confusing at
first glance !


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Subject: telnet not working on home LAN

Hi all,

Just put Debian on a second PC and having problems telnetting in from work.

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host.

Anyone know why I'm not getting a login?  Is there a way to use the
connection...perhaps telnetd isn't installed but I thought it was.

Thanks in advance.


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