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Re: IP--->Domainname--->OtherDomainname

if i understand what your asking all you want to do is have your machine
recieve requests for mymachine.domain.net, so if someone types in
http://mymachine.domain.net they hit your machine, or if they email you at
mymachine.domain.net it comes to you .. ?? 

just set a domain up and point the domain(s) to your IP .. there is no way
you can change the reverse info, but you can add additional references to
forward resolve the domain(s) to your ip.

but, i may still not understand what yer askin ....


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On Tue, 2 Nov 1999, Art Lemasters wrote:

>      To further simplify, I am stuck with a _public_ domain (a
> static one) delegated for a DSL connection.  We'll call it
> static.domain.name.net.  I want to exchange traffic for 
> mymachine.domain.net (I own domain.net).  There is only one
> IP address, and this is one potato box that is running bind.
> Art
> On Tue, Nov 02, 1999 at 11:45:57AM -0700, Art Lemasters wrote:
> >      How can I use one IP address and one domain name to exchange
> > all kinds of server traffic for another domain name?
> > 
> > IP----->1stDomainname------>2ndDomainname
> > 
> >     In other words, I have one IP address delegated to a domain
> > (e.g., hidden.static.domain.name.net).  I want all traffic (on the
> > same box) to come and go from another domain (on the same box,
> > e.g., mydomain.net).  ...any ideas?
> > 
> > Art
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