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Re: ProFTPd; how to set up write access for home dirs

proftpd, like most ftpds use filesystem permissions when dealing with
normal users, proftpd has the option to deny overwrites, which i
(think?) is default(see /etc/proftpd.conf)  for the anonymous user
permissions it is treated as the user  'ftp' in most cases, and the root
directory for anonymous users is ftp's home directory.


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On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Kent West wrote:

> I checked the docs and the archives, but I'm not understanding
> what I need to do.
> I've got proftpd running, and I can ftp into my box as both
> anonymous and a normal user. As each I can "get" files, put I
> can't "put" files. For teh anonymous user, that's great. But how
> do I specify that a normal user can "put" to his own home
> directory?
> Thanks!
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