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Re: xcdroast

Hans Gubitz said
> xcdroast (0.96e) starts with the messages:
> ERROR at listbox.tcl line 179: bad event type or keysym "MouseWheel"
> ERROR at text.tcl line 455: bad event type or keysym "MouseWheel"
> In the Setup-menu Defaults has no entries.
Thes are two separate issues.  The first is because your (probablly) using 
a Microsoft IntelliMouse - one with the "wheel" as the third button.
This does not appear to affect the functionality of the application.

> Whats wrong?
Are your CD-ROM and CD-Writer devices IDE?  If so, have you loaded the
SCSI-IDE emulation module?

The only way I could get XCDROAST to work on a box at work was to
use that module.  My CDROM device now shows up in the application's setup
screen as an IDE device *and* a SCSI device.  I use the SCSI device for
all functions in XCDROAST.

> Hans Gubitz
> -- 
> Hans Gubitz <gubitz@netcologne.de>
Hope this helps.
Let me (or the list) know if you need more info.


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