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Re: gimp segfault within script-fu

On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Ingo Reimann wrote:

> does anyone know, what happened with lovely gimp?
> Just now, it is not useable, due to segfaults in script-fu. Bugreport has
> been submitted (#48840)
> I need it...

There is the same scheme for version numbering with gimp than with the
kernel. If the second number of the version is even, than it is the stable
version of gimp (e.g. 1.0.4 is stable), but when it is odd (like 1.1.10)
then it is a developer version which is more or less unstable. Your bug
report is about gimp1.1, so there is no wonder about this. Fall back to
gimp1.0.4, which is the current one in potato (it runs perfectly stable on
my potato box), and wait with the upgrading till the next stable gimp will
be released in the future.


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