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Re: apt-get, slink & ipchains

Sven Gaerner (SGaerner@t-online.de) wrote:

> I'm also using squid on the gateway.
> I can update my gateway with apt-get ... When I tried this with my workstation I
> can see in iptraf that the apt-get program wants to connect (SYN-bit) but that's
> all, there's no response.

The easiest way to fix this, then, would be to use the Squid proxy
for your apt-get operations.

export http_proxy=http://MY_GATEWAY:3128/	# substitute your IP address
apt-get update
apt-get ...

I strongly recommend putting the "export http_proxy ..." line in your
/etc/profile.  It's used by apt-get, lynx, wget, and possibly many
other programs.

You might have something misconfigured which is preventing the IP
masquerading from working properly... but I can't help with that. ;-)

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