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kipping remote directories in sinc

I am working on a several projects as home work, both on my local computer
and on the university comuter.
The access i have to the university computer from home is through telnet
and ftp.
I want to keep the directories both at home and the university in sinc
with each other (make shure that i have the latest versions of everything
on both computers).
It's kind of maintaining a mirror both ways, only I need to unly update
the latest files in both directions.
Is there an automated way to do this (not ftp each file menualy).
Also, on the university computer I keep a version of at list most of the
files on cvs, because on some of them I work also with other people.
Any way to take that into account also? (Its also an option to just make
shure the cvs repository is up to date, and update the local directory
from it through the net instead of updating the files)

I also might have a little problem with mirroring programs because my
local system clock is running to fast for some reson I didn't have time to try
and figure out, will this screw the process up? I am supposed to
buy a new computer though in the very near future, so I am hoping it will
the problem.
Can I tell a mirroring program though to update both ways to make shure
both sides have the newest files, and if so, any sujestion as to what
program to use (I need something simple and light, just to perform this
job at the moment).


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