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Re: Sun goes fully open source!

J Horacio MG wrote:
> > John Foster wrote:
> > > Uhmmmm. It was already free, in the dollars and cents manner. They
> > > really gave back/up nothing.
> >
> > I think they give an impression: from now on, StarOffice is supported by
> > Sun.
> Yes, it's a world of marketing!  Shame!
> > Unix community at large can take advantage of it; look, now is the
> > beginning of time where M$ Office has a worthy opponent (or contender if
> > you like).
> And that is important.  I believe M$ already released a Unix version of
> outlook ... give them time and they'll do the same with M$ office;  if
> by then, there's not a good, well supported, better marketeered, office
> suite for Unix, we could see M$ products running in many Linux boxes ...
> not even Well's could have forseen such a dark future.
> BTW, are there any changes between StarOffice5.1 "pre-sun" and
> "post-sun"?

	The pre-sun version was tied to a specific version of glibc.  When glibc in
potato got upgraded SO 5.1 broke.  The 5.1a version installed and ran
without problems.  The only other difference I saw was the addition of the
Sun logo in a few places, however, the only thing I've been using is the
word processor, so YMMV.

Ed C.

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