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Re: Sun goes fully open source!

Oki DZ wrote:
> Dave Baker wrote:
> > Unless they changed the license recently, this (stareoffice) is only free
> > in the monetary sense, not the freedom sense.
> I believe that monetary sense is the first step, and the freedom one is
> the next. Ask Sun; if there are enough Linux developers who are willing
> to support StarOffice (for Linux) if Sun releases the source, I think
> Sun would think it over.
> Oki

	They won't release SO source under GPL, they have their own "version"
called the Sun Community License.  From a few comments I've heard
elsewhere, its not free in the freedom sense.  Look at Netscape's
Mozilla and the Mozilla Public Lincense.  If Netscape couldn't generate
a lot of interest and energy for Mozilla, what makes you think Sun can
get the attention of the free software community?

Disclaimer:  I am aware that Mozilla isn't 'dead', its progressing
slowly, but its clear Netscape didn't get the reaction it wanted from
the programmers of the free software world.

Ed C.

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