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Re: 2 problems -- building the 2.0.36 kernel; login error

I believe that installing the deb of the kernel-image 2.0.36 will get you to 

As for the boot question, i do not know. Perhaps you should wait a bit more ?
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1. I upgraded Debian 1.3.1 --> 2.1, but my kernel is still 2.0.29.
What should I do to upgrade the kernel to 2.0.36?
2. When I login as any user other than root, the system rejects
me with the error msg:
            "System bootup in progress -- please wait"
I incrementally killed all daemons running to see if one of them
was prohibiting the login.  But the problem still occurred. I then
re-ran adduser to make sure my password was right.  But the
problem still happens.  Anyone have any clues?

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