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Segmentation Fault Help!

Help!  It seems that I really screwed my system up when I allowed
dselect to update packages on my potato system.

I am having a problem with segmentation faults for the following


Because of this, I am not able to login any other processes (virtual
terminals) nor will my xserver run...  Currently the only access I have
to this system is via the single shell I had logged in to do the
'dselect' and samba services are still working so my PC look in my home
directory.  I am still able to use dselect to load packages from the

In my work with HP-UX, segmentation faults were generally caused by
incompatible binaries trying to execute on the system.  Is this the case
with linux?

How do I tell which version I should have?  If these files really need
to be updated how do I go about this?  I was playing around with telling
dselect to remove passwd, but it wanted to remove a whole bunch of stuff
and it said this was not a good idea.  I am totally stuck and as murphy
would have it, I have some database work that needs the postgresql on
the linux system... Of course, postgresql will not start up because of
the corrupt 'su' command.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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