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Dazed and Confused again I`m afraid.
I had a fairly servicable exim/fetchmail/mutt system (although mailcap has as yet escaped me) until yesterday when I decided to try and enable Japanese support. I replaced standard mutt (from a slink CD) with mutt-ja_0.95.4i.jp2-2,and also the required slang1-ja_1.2.2.j055-1.1. Now however not only can I still not view Japanese characters but also my mailbox - var/spool/mail/paul has become read only so I cannot delete or move read messages.
Please can anybody point me in the right direction?

BTW I can write Japanese using xemacs mule/canna/wnn but when I transfer this to mutt (I have xemacs as the default editor) it also becomes Mojibake. 

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