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Re: rtl8139 in slink?

On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, aphro wrote:

 : curious as to why there was no realtek 8139 driver included in slink.  and
 : it doesnt appear as an option in the kernel that slink comes with (2.2.12
 : currently -- using the CD from the new O'reilley book) even tho the
 : rtl8139.c file is there(it failed to compile as a module for some reason)
 : gonna try again with the 2.0.36, hope i can get the NIC working the only
 : other machine i got has no floppy drive. dont want to burn a cd with only
 : 10mb on it :/

Dunno why the module isn't on the CD by default.  If you compile your
own kernel you need to say "Y" to "Experimental/Development Drivers" (or
something to that effect.

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