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Re: New Kernel: make-kpkg vs. make bzLilo

On Wed, Oct 20, 1999 at 04:32:38PM +0300, Martin Fluch wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, Ingo Reimann wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > can anybody tell me, what do do, if i don't want to do the complicated
> > debain way to install a new kernel?
> > 
> > in former times (SuSE <=6.1 ) i got the sources, and did the
> > make menuconfig 
> > make dep && make clean && make bzLilo && make modules && make_modules_install
> > 
> > and that it was.
> This will also work on Debian, no problem with that. But IMHO 
>   make menuconfig
>   make-kpkg clean
>   make-kpkg --reision REVSTR kernel_image
>   dpkg -i ...
> (where I for example use for REV mfluch.1, mfluch.2, mfluch.3 etc.) is not
> more comlicated than the other way, but has the advantage, that the
> package management knows about the krenel installed... 
> > Now with debian potato, after booting my new kernel, the System.map was not
> > correct, and the System did not start.
> Had never problems with that...
Well, actually, i did't either. But now. Even after the make-kpkg - way if

reimann@convert:/home/reimann > ps
{resetup_one_dev} {}
Warning: /boot/System.map-2.2.13 does not match kernel data.
Warning: /boot/System.map has an incorrect kernel version.
  PID TTY          TIME CMD
  990 pts/4    00:00:00 bash
 1002 pts/4    00:00:00 ps

> > I don't get depmod to make a new modules.dep. I am to stupid for this :-)
> What goes wrong/does happen?
Hmm. i did not read all of the manpage, and wanted to add the kernel-release
with some additional parameter.
depmod -a 2.2.13 
should hopefully have been been enough. Now it is too late.

Well, nevertheless. This Problem with the System.map remains. Where should
it be put?
>From earlier times, i uncommented the line INSTALL_PATH=/boot in the main
kernel Makefile, to have everything in my /boot - Partition - We know of
Lilos capabilities to boot a kernel from disks with more than 1024

So, in my .deb, both, kernel and System.map ly under /boot. The installer
puts some link into / to have the kernel again in /boot. Unfortunately, this
link might not exist at boot time. So, what should i put in my lilo.conf and
how does lilo know, which System.map is valid?


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