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Re: X Debs?

On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, Jon Hughes wrote:

> I'm trying to upgrade my X server from a default Slink installation so it'll
> work with my voodoo banshee card here at work.  Is there a place where I can
> find the 3.3.5 debs?  All the Debian page seems to have is the 3.3.2 ones
> and to my knowledge that doesn't support Banshee very well.....

Put the line

deb ftp://cadzentrum.m.fh-offenburg.de/pub/os/linux/debian/ ./

into your /etc/apt/source.lists. (These are no official debian packages,
it's only the result of some days, when I was bored, downloaded the source
an compiled it with out any changes against glibc 2.0 ... it worked for
me :-)


If the box says 'Windows 95 or better', it should run on Linux, right?
                                                               - anonymous

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