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Re: syslog configuration trouble

On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, Paul McHale wrote:

 : Hi,
 :    I had my router sending syslog messages to my NT workstation with a
 : syslogd running there.  I changed the router to send messages to my debian
 : server and added the following line to the /etc/syslog.conf file:
 : local7.*                -/var/log/router/router.log
 :    When I type:
 : logger -p local7.info "this is a test"
 :    I get this in the /etc/log/router/router.log file:
 : Oct 20 09:11:41 debian root: this is a test
 :    The router messages never show up.  Any ideas ?

Yes.  Read /etc/init.d/sysklogd ...

  # Options for start/restart the daemons
  #   For remote UDP logging use SYSLOGD="-r"

You should uncomment that line.

More details from `man syslogd':

       -r     This  option  will  enable  the facility to receive
              message from the network using an  internet  domain
              socket  with  the syslog service (see services(5)).
              The default is to not receive any messages from the

              This  option  is  introduced  in version 1.3 of the
              sysklogd package.  Please  note  that  the  default
              behavior  is  the  opposite  of  how older versions
              behave, so you might have to turn this on.


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