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System crashes using 2.2.1 kernel with ATI Rage Fury


I experience problems using my ATI Rage Fury (ATI Rage 128) video card
with 2.2.x kernel.
With 2.0.36 kernel I use a XRage128 server from SUSE and everything
works fine.
Trying to start xserver with 2.2.1 causes system crash: the screen
remains blank and I can't change to text consoles. Ping from another
machine gives no respons.
I have the same problem trying to scroll the screen in dselect or lynx.
My configuration is:
-ABIT ZM6 motherboard with a Celeron processor
-AGP ATI Rage Fury video card
- two NE2000-compatibles PCI net cards
- SB64 sound card (PCI)
- TV Fly video card (PCI)
I already tried my configuration on my frind's box, who has a similar
config but uses a S3 Virge PCI viedo card. Everything was fine.
Then I tried to use his card with my box and that was fine too.
I tried to use my computer with the video card only and it didn't work.

Waiting for any help and sugestions.
Thanks in advence


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