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Re: system parameters

Luis Gustavo Madrigal Salazar (tavo@scratchy.emate.ucr.ac.cr) wrote:

> How can I display the actual values of system parameters? something like 
> sysdef -i on Solaris.
> Is there a file to change them? or a command? something like /etc/system
> on Solaris

This is one of the great secrets of Linux. ;-)

Actually, I don't know of any central resource for this information
other than reading the actual kernel source code.  Depending on the
kernel version and which options you compiled it with, though, there are
a lot of pseudo-files under /proc which contain the kind of information
you're seeking.  In some cases, you can write stuff to these pseudo-files
to change kernel parameters on the fly.  (In other cases, you'll have
to edit kernel source code and rebuild the kernel to change them.)

A good example: in order to forward packets between network interfaces
under a 2.2.x kernel, you have to run this command:

      echo 1 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

Unfortunately, I don't have any references for additional reading. :-(

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