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Re: terminfo for solaris

Aaron Stromas (astromas@us.oracle.com) wrote:

> while logging to a solaris box and setting back the display to my debian
> linux box vi misbehaves. some time ago i stumbled upon a fix - there is
> a terminfo entry that needs to be compiled and the TERMINFO environment
> variable has to be set to point to it.

Depending on which terminal emulator you use, it could be 'xterm-debian'
or 'rxvt' or anything....  Do an 'echo $TERM' on the Solaris system to
see what variable it wants.

On the Linux system, do 'infocmp xterm-debian' (or whatever variable) and
redirect that to a file.  (E.g., 'infocmp xterm-debian >xterm-debian.ti'.)

Send that file over to Solaris.

Then on Solaris, as yourself (unless you want this to be system-wide) you
can do:

  mkdir ~/.terminfo
  export TERMINFO
  tic -v xterm-debian.ti

If you want it to be system-wide, you can omit the first three lines and
run the tic as root.

You may want to read /usr/doc/xterm/README.Debian as well, even if you
aren't using xterm.

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