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Re: Bug in gnuplot in the pslatex.trm still exists :-(

 This bug in the pslatex driver should be fixed in the latest beta.

Wojciech Zabolotny writes:
> Dear gnuplot developers,
> I'm very amused, that the old bug, which I've found ca one year ago (and
> reported to you) still exists.
> Below I attach my bug report. The line numbers has changed in the new
> version, but the bug's nature and the cure is still the same.
> I attach the gnuplot_bug.tgz file, which demonstrates the problem.
> It is really tiring to change the gnuplot source and recompile it after each
> upgrade :-(.
> Below follows the bug description and the fix: 
> Subject: SOLVED !!! Problems with "pslatex" terminal in gnuplot beta347 (pre3.6) in Debian Linux 2.0 (hamm)


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