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scaling on print for starcalc 5.1 (and nuking desktop)

I've given up on starcalc 3.0 for my gradesheets for a couple of 
reasons (scaling, hanging on start), can't use wingz reliably (it 
crashes, has lost data, and has scrambled the file  irretrievably when 
crashing, as well as losing sort ranges at random, and gnumeric isn't 
even close to ready (basic lookup functions are missing).

This leaves me with running staroffice 5.1 on another machine, which is 
a painful experience.

It's stable by comparison to the choices, but it seems to be ignoring 
the scaling when printing to a generic printer postscript file (and 
there aren't any other choices).

Does anyone know any way to get this to work?  

And is it possible to completely nuke the desktop?  Redrawing icons 
that stick out is painfully slow.

Rick, getting desperate.


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