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Re: [Off Topic] latex section question

 Shao Zhang <shao@cia.com.au> writes:

> [..] I need to use something like \subsubsubsection
> But latex only goes to \subsubsection. I have already used \part
> as well. How do I over come this problem?
I know four possibilities:

1) Use \paragraph instead of \subsubsubsection. I am not shure
   whether paragraphs are numbered in the usual styles.
2) If paragraphs are not numbered and you require numbering, hack your
   way in the style file.
3) Look in the CTAN archives for a solution. E.g. look at 
   http://www.ora.com/homepages/CTAN-Web/search.html to
   search into the archive. I have only a dutch adress of the CTAN
   archives handy: ftp.cs.ruu.nl
4) Look again at your manuscript. Is it absolutely necessary, and not
   ugly, to use numbered sections at five levels deep?


Paul Huygen

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