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exim: removing 'host' from 'host.domain.com'


I have registered and hosted a domain 'mydomain.com' with my ISP. They
have given me a domain wide forwarding account
*@mydomain.com --> myaccount@myisp.com

Then I use fetchmail to fetch all mails at myaccount@myisp.com which
will also have my users mails at mydomain.com

My linux machine's full name is myhost.mydomain.com and I choosed 2nd
config option when I installed exim (set by eximconfig script). The
config is working fine for me except for one problem.  The host part
is also appeneded to all outgoing mails.  That is, if I send a mail
from linux, it goes fine but the address is in this form:
me@myhost.mydomain.com which is supposed to be me@mydomain.com. How do
I accomplish that?


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