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Re: Compiling and using c librarys (.a and .so)

Micha Feigin (michf@math.tau.ac.il) wrote:

> How do I compile and use both static and dinamic libraries under linux?


  gcc -c foo.c
  gcc -c bar.c
  ar rv libfoo.a foo.o bar.o


  gcc -c -fpic foo.c
  gcc -c -fpic bar.c
  gcc -shared -Wl,-soname,libfoo.so.1 -o libfoo.so.1.0 foo.o bar.o

You can also use GNU libtool if you're feeling brave.

> Any good tutorial on the subject?

Static libraries are standard -- any Unix development tutorial will work.

Dynamic libraries follow the ELF standards, so any document discussing
ELF should be a good starting point.  The LINUX-ELF HOWTO is great,
but it's kind of obsolete (*nobody's* using a.out any more), so it's
hard to find these days.  I used google and managed to turn up a copy
at <http://www.linuxhq.com/HOWTO/ELF-HOWTO.html>.

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