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Re: your mail

On Sun, 17 Oct 1999, jh wrote:

> Hi. At the command line, how do I keep a message from scrolling so fast and
> missing it? Something like dos "/p"?

You'll want to pipe the output to 'more' or 'less'.  In the Unix world,
programs generally don't worry about formatting their own output.

> Also, is there a keyboard combination that will re-enter the last command?
> Like dos F3?

If you're using bash (which you should be) then you can push up-arrow to
go back to the previous command.  It has a full range of functions which
operate on the command history - you can search, edit previous commands,
do a lot of stuff - much better than DOS F3.  You can also configure it to
use vi editing commands to operate on the command history, in which case
'esc k' would allow you to go back to the previous command.

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