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Re: HP 9070cxi ???

Rob Reesor wrote:

> Hi,
> Sorry for the intrusion. I noticed your exchange muc.lists.debian.user. I'm
> having trouble posting, so thought I'd send email directly.
> I've just ordered a Red Hat Linux system and am having a hard time finding
> a printer. Seems that most of the printers listed on the various
> compatibility lists are no longer sold. The lists are very out of date.
> One list (gatekeeper.picante.com/~gtaylor/pht/printer_list.cgi) lists the
> 970cxi as being "perfectly" compatible with Linux. However, it also claims
> that driver information is incomplete and there is no autoprobe available.
> Have either of you gotten the 970cxi working with Linux? If you don't mind,
> will you please let me know what printer you *have* gotten working with Linux?
> Many thanks,
> Rob

I still have not decided what pirnter I am going to buy. I am still gathering
more information.

I have only gotten working an Epson Stylus Color 850 in my Debian linux box. I
have not tried to configure another printer yet. This model has been easy to
configure by using "magicfilter".

              Manuel Arenaz

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