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Re: install, I'm in over my head

> 	Linear, paride, raid0, raid1, raid5.

You probably don't need any of them.  paride is for parallel port IDE
devices.  All the RAID ones are for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks.
I'm not sure what linear is for.

> I could not install one module though it really sounds important: 
> 	xd xt hard disk controller

I don't think you need that either unless you have a REALLY anchient
machine.  The normal IDE drivers should suffice.

> fit my setup. I have a Mitsumi cd-rom manufactured in September 1993. I see

Dunno what to suggest here.  I have an all SCSI system and the systems I 
work on are all SCSI also so I don't usually deal with that stuff.

> for my home use. If I cannot complete the install tonight do my partitions
> stay intact? I am a man but I am nearly having tears of frustration, for as

The partitions aren't going anywhere if you turn the computer off.  But
I'd suggest just leaving it on until you get some answers.  Just turn the
monitor off.

> I was typing this out a few minutes ago with a Win98 sitting nearby I
> suffered a fatal exception and lost all the detailed questions that I am
> asking here just before sending it. Aghhhhhhhhh

Ugh.  Sorry man.  The quicker we get you running Linux, the quicker the
road to recovery :)

		--Ian Ehrenwald

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