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Re: potato broke X :(

Ron Farrer <rbf@toxic.magnesium.net> writes:

> David Coe (david@someotherplace.org) wrote:


> > And, if you really feel like it, try manually performing each 
> > piece of startx at the bash prompt ('which startx' will tell you 
> > where startx is), and see if you can find the point of failure.
> I am not sure what to do here.. But I'll look at startx and see if there
> is something that I can notice.


Well, as a starting point, try just this:

1) exit to be sure we start clean
2) login (as root or a normal user, doesn't really matter for this test,
maybe even try both to see if there are differences).
3) at the shell prompt just type 'xinit' and watch to see what happens;
it will either spew out a bunch of text and start an X window with a
single xterm (from which you can 'exit'), or it will spew out a bunch of
text and fail just like before.  Let me know what it does, and what it

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