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Re: cu or tip for /dev/ttySx access?

>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

Ben> On Sat, Oct 02, 1999 at 04:36:07PM -0700, Clint Dimick wrote:

Clint> Is there a package which contains either of these utilities?  I
Clint> wish to connect to a device which is attached via a null-modem
Clint> cable to my ttyS0 port.  Thanks,

Ben> Not those programs specifically, but I think you will find
Ben> minicom a very suitable replacement (I like it even more so than
Ben> those programs). I use it to connect to my sparc attached to a
Ben> serial connection.

A crippling problem with minicom is that it cannot be used
noninteractively (i.e. from a script).  It expects a terminal device
to draw its windows onto and can't live without it :-(

Yes, I know I can write an Expect script to work around this, but then
I can write a complete cu reimplementation in Expect and I'll probably
end up with roughly the same amount of code.

Another problem with minicom is that it insists on doing VT100/ANSI
emulation and cannot do a straight pass-through connection.

As someone else pointed out, cu comes with the uucp package.  If you
feel like installing (and configuring!) uucp just to get a modem
dialer is horrible overkill, you're not alone :-(

Another possibility is to get ckermit from the non-free/comm section.

Once (or even twice!) in the distant past my irritation over this
situation led me to attempt to port BSD tip.  Unfortunately, it's
about the LEAST portable Unix code I've ever seen.

Ian Zimmerman
Lightbinders, Inc.
2325 3rd Street #324, San Francisco, California 94107

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