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Re: PPPoE aka. PPP over Ethernet

You might try www.progressive-comp.com/Lists/?l=linux-net&m=93554017019744&w=2
Have you tried to search the WEB ?

> So Sympatico, or Bell Canada, has decided to be a bitch and implement
> PPPoE or, as the title shows, PPP over Ethernet.  Has anyone ever
> heard of such a thing?  And the main question is, drum roll please,
> how can I get it to work over Linux?  I'd really hate to lose this
> ADSL.  It's been running quite smoothly lately, since the upgraded
> DHCPCD automatically updates IP addresses.  Anyways, if anyone has any
> clues, hints, suggestions, solutions,  PLEASE let me know.  If more
> information is needed, let me know and I'll see what I can squeeze out
> of tech support.
> Thanks!
> Marshal Wong
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