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Re: I can't connect to Novell network

"Alex V. Toropov" wrote:
> In fact I'm not Novell expert, but in my case everything works ok.
> I'v used debian packages for ncpfs.
> >Network    Router_Net   Router_Node
> >19930921   00000F02     0000034CA255
> >00000F02   Directly     Connected
> >
> >So, I don't know to the Novell Netware, and I can't adjudge this
> >ipx_routing is ok, or it's wrong!
> As far as I understand, slist shoul show You the address of PEDIA server
> (IPX_NET : IPX_NODE) and that IPX_NET should be reachable from Your host.
> In case of Your ipx_route table PEDIA should be ether on F02 IPX_NET or
> on 19930921   IPX_NET and Host at F02 : 0000034CA255 should be a valid IPX
> router/bridge.

AGRRRR! Pfuj! I hate this Novell something :)) 

I don't know about this nothing. The 19930921 network number belong to
RADIO server but it's network node is 0000000001. The PEDIA Network
number is 36DC435C, how is this??? Jah, the ifconfig tr0:

tr0       Link encap:16/4 Mbps Token Ring  HWaddr 08:00:5A:14:2F:85  
          IPX/Ethernet SNAP addr:08005A142F85
          IPX/Ethernet 802.2 addr:00000F02:08005A142F85

I will be a mad boy from this "lots of number"

Please say what must I do!

Best regards!
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