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Re: Last potato linuxlogo

On Wed, Oct 06, 1999 at 07:15:18PM -0400, addiction wrote:
> > Until this evening I had linuxlogo displaying the pretty debian swirl.
> > -Lex
> I have been wanting to ask the same thing... I did try downgrading to
> get the swirl back but I can't find which version actually HAD the swirl
> to begin with. Does anyone know? Or is the swirl still there but simply
I am running potato and this is what I have for the l_logo that is still
displaying the swirl.

$linux_logo -v

Linux Logo Version 3.0 -- by Vince Weaver (weave@eng.umd.edu)
   Newest Versions at:


I still have the debs and could mail them to you if you want.


Frisco Rose	rosef@eou.edu	

Science Journal Ed. 		scijou@scijou.eou.edu
Hoke Center 307			Ph# 2-3787

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