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problem with /dev/lp0

>I use Debian with kernel 2.0.36. All information I
>can get from the
>BIOS of my Intel PC about the parallel port ist, that
>io is 0x278 and
>that the mode is normal (other possible modes: ECP,
>EPP 1.9 and EPP
>1.7). So I say modprobe lp io=0x278. The printer is a
>HP LaserJet 4P
>connected trough a bidirectional parallel cable.
>Since printing trough
>magicfilter does not work, I tried to generate a file
>using gslj and
>send that directly to /dev/lp0: 
>cat file.lj > /dev/lp0
>This takes about 4 seconds and produces no error. But
>nothing is
>printed and there is no error message on the printer.
>tunelp /dev/lp0 -s gives the following:
>/dev/lp0 status is 240, out of paper, on-line, error
>but the printer is not out of paper and displays no
>error. Also
>printing works if the printer is connected to a
>Windows NT machine.
>tunelp /dev/lp0 tells me that lp0 is using polling.
>lp1 and lp2 are
>not configured. cat /proc/interrupts gives:

> 0:    8290233   timer
> 1:      35309   keyboard
> 2:          0   cascade
> 3:        188 + serial
> 4:      73807 + serial
> 8:          2 + rtc
> 9:     116284   NE2000
>13:          1   math error
>14:    4628478 + ide0

>Why does printing not work?

>From what I remember linux assignes the printer at
0x3f8 to lp0, 0x378 to lp1 and 0x278 to lp2.  This
would mean that your printer is actually on lp2!  It
may be possible to override this.  Windows and dos
assign lp0 to the first printer port address found, so
the actual address of lp0 under windows and dos
depends on how many printer ports you have and at
which addresss.  Linux by default just assigns them by
a hard coded address.  If you have two printer ports
and you use the lp=0xnnn command in lilo or when
assigning modules this prevents linux from using any
other lp port (as a printer).  Maybe you had a cd rom
connected to a parallel port, you would need this
command to reserve the extra port for that (by NOT
specifing it  as a lp).  

In short, if your LP is at 0x278, try changing to lp2
and see what happens.
Any comments welcome!

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