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Sun sparc: no media install? [Re: Sun classic]

> BTW, why would anyone install the Debian on Suns if the machines come
> with
> Solaris right out the boxes? The only reason I'm asking about Debian on
> Sun is that I think it's an interesting alternative since the Classic
> where I have an access to doesn't have Solaris on it (the CDs I mean).

I've been trying to get a Sun sparc machine for myself, with the only
purpose of installing Debian/Linux into it.  I don't know why I should
have it working only with Solaris if I could make it run with Linux.

On another list someone said he had got one sparc station, with no media
in it, and no OS installed.  Anyone knows how could this guy have
Debian installed?  (surely via internet, but as I said there's no system
installed, and no floppy or cd drive).


Valencia - ESPAÑA

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