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I've read the list archives on SB128 topics and  tried both the OSS and 
Alsa modules.
But whenever I try to do anything I get a No such device error like so:

frontier:/dev# ls -al dsp
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root            9 Oct  5 02:00 dsp -> /dev/dsp0
frontier:/dev# cat ~/english.au > ./dsp
bash: ./dsp: No such device

Any ideas what i'm doing wrong to be getting this?

frontier:/dev# cat /dev/sndstat
cat: /dev/sndstat: No such device

frontier:/dev# cat /proc/asound/cards 
0 [card1          ]: AudioPCI - Ensoniq AudioPCI
                     Ensoniq AudioPCI ES1371 at 0xe800, irq 10

frontier:/dev# lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
snd-pcm1-oss           12972   0  (unused)
snd-card-ens1371        2192   0 
snd-ens1371             7184   0  [snd-card-ens1371]
snd-pcm1               16380   0  [snd-pcm1-oss snd-ens1371]
snd-timer               7324   0  [snd-pcm1]
snd-ac97-codec         19840   0  [snd-ens1371]
snd-mixer              24544   0  [snd-card-ens1371 snd-ac97-codec]
snd-midi               12236   0  [snd-card-ens1371 snd-ens1371]
snd-pcm                 8620   0  [snd-pcm1-oss snd-card-ens1371 snd-pcm1]
snd                    33292   1  [snd-pcm1-oss snd-card-ens1371 
snd-ens1371 snd-pcm1 snd-timer snd-ac97-codec snd-mixer snd-midi snd-pcm]
soundcore               2116   4  [snd]


Any ideas?

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