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Re: Shell bash

*- On  4 Oct, Manuel Arenaz Silva wrote about "Shell bash"
> Hello,
> In my work in have to use some machines where the bash shell is not
> available. Normally, these machine have Solaris or IRIX installed. When
> I connect to those machines I have to use other different shells which I
> am not used to using. You can  imagine how embarrasing is this
> situation.
> I have though of compiling the bash shell for those machines and
> installing it in my $HOME directory. How can I do this? Where can I
> download the sources of the bash shell?

You could download the upstream source from the debian source archives,
it should be in the form of bash*.orig.tar.gz or from its home site at
ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/bash/.  Unpack it on our Solaris machine and
read the INSTALL file in the extracted directory.  It is set up with
autoconf(make sure your system has autoconf installed, it is a gnu
package as well) so you should be able to just do

./configure --prefix=~/<bash root>
make install

Where ~/<bash root> is the directory under your home directory where you
want the binaries and all the docs installed. If all you want is the
binary skip the make install and just copy the bash binary to your bin

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