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Re: simple mail question

On Sat, Oct 02, 1999 at 01:21:45PM +0300, hmf@softhome.net wrote:
> can I, armed with exim, specify myself as the sender, and use somthing like

The typical setup would be to have exim as your mail transport agent.
So, you would specify "localhost" as your smtp sender. You would then
configure exim to deliver non-local mail through your ISP. Check the
eximconfig script, it sets up most of what you'll want.

For receiving mail, people typically use fetchmail, possibly in
conjunction with procmail.

A problem you may encounter is software such as Netscape Mail or
StarOffice work fine for sending mail, but AFAIK you can't get them to
read mail from MH style "inboxes" (/var/mail/$USER). Perhaps procmail
can put incoming mail into the inboxes those programs use in a style
they like.

If you just use Netscape, you needn't worry about configuring exim to
deliver non-local mail, and can skip using fetchmail/procmail. However,
the combination works quite nicely once you get it set-up.

There are some programs that can use both local incoming mail boxes, and
poll IMAP or POP servers. It kind of depends on what you want to do,
for what you'll use...
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