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Re: wheel mice

>>>>> "Kenneth" == Kenneth Scharf <scharkalvin@yahoo.com> writes:

    Kenneth> Is there a way I can get the 'wheel' on a wheel mouse to work
    Kenneth> with netscape (4.6 or >) under linux?  I just got a new wheel
    Kenneth> mouse (Kensington usb-ps2).  I havn't gotten this to work
    Kenneth> under usb yet (will have to go to 2.2 to do that, and even
    Kenneth> windows 98e2 won't work with my mb's usb hw!), but as a ps2
    Kenneth> mouse it's fine, I'd just like to get the wheel to work!

Check out the following site for more info on how to get
wheel mice to work with X:


Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT interlog DOT com

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