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Re: PCI Soundcard

> Hi All,
> I'm looking for a good PCI soundcard for my new computer.  Preferably
> non-PnP, although I can work with it if necessary.  I would like it to
> work under OS/2, Linux, and Win95 (for games).  Are there any suggestions?
> Thanks

The best bargain in the business has got to be the Creative Ensoniq
PCI128.  I bought a card at CompUSA for under $30.00.  It's based on
the ENS1371 chipset and works well with standard kernel (2.2) and ALSA
drivers.  I have used both drivers and have settled on ALSA.

The one I purchased had a box that read "Creative Ensoniq PC128" but I
believe the Sound Blaster PC128 is the same card.  Maybe somebody can
confirm this.

My experiences with this card are that it is fairly quiet, especially
for its price.  Its no Turtle Beach, but at 1/10 the price, I can't
complain.  I'm fairly picky about this kind of thing.  I know this
card to be much quieter than the Sound Blaster 16.  And, as a PCI
card, it configures itself without any wimpering.

You will have sound up and running in minutes with this guy.  It has
my highest recommendations.


Avoid the Creative Sound Blaster Live.  There are no Open Source
drivers for this card.

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