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Re: runq messages

I do not think your problem is permissions. See note

adavis@netpci.com (Alan Eugene Davis) writes:

> I am sure that my system is in a bad state.  I installed from an old
> hamm CD, then upgraded by apt-get to slink, thence to potato.  For
> weeks now I have been living with dozens of messages per day in my
> mail box, from Cron Daemon, as follows:
> > runq: setgroups() failed: Operation not permitted
> > runq: cannot open /var/log/smail/paniclog: Permission denied
> > runq: cannot open /var/log/smail/paniclog: Permission denied
Why is something trying to access /var/log/smail/ if you are using
exim? I do not use either smail or exim. On my system runq is a
shell scrip which calls "sendmail -q". Perhaps smail did not clean
up after itself when you removed it?

> I tried changing the permissions on paniclog and its directory, with
> no avail.  
> I found nothing on the recent mailing list archives about paniclog.  I
> was running runq as root.
> I have just now installed exim instead of smail.
> Does this look familiar?

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