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trying to install

Hi. I have a few problems. I am trying to install debian on a 408mb hard
drive. I also have a 345mb drive. I have tried every combination of jumper
settings to get one to act as a master and one a slave. For some reason the
computer (still in dos) does not recognize both drives. Does anyone have
any suggestions?

I decided to try installing debian just on the 408mb drive as the sole
operating system. I managed to paw my way through cfdisk and everything was
going ok till I got to the point where the kernel was to be copied to the
hard drive. I was asked "choose the type of cd interface" or something
similar. I was confronted with choices like /dev/scd0 and /dev/hda I tried
every interface but the cdrom would not mount. The cdrom on my computer is
connected to an interface card with 2 rca jacks out the back.

This is my first install. Does anybody have any ideas for making the cdrom
work. Or is there another way to install. I only have debian on cd. I am
just a home user.

Thanks for your time.


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