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Re: Apt keeps giving me "400 Bad Request"

On Sat, 2 Oct 1999, Pete Harlan wrote:

> I'm upgrading slink->potato.  Each time I run 'apt-get dist-upgrade'
> (after having initialy run 'apt-get update') it tries and fails to
> grab a number of packages before giving up; each one looks like this:

99.9% chance that you are behind a satanic 'transparent' HTTP proxy that
doesn't understand HTTP/1.1.

Do two things
  1) Confirm this, using a web site that shows your request IP address and
     verify that it is a cache
  2) Phone your ISP and yell at them in loud angry tones until they
     upgrade the software and bitch at the vendor.
  3) Make sure you are using a 0.3.x version of APT
  4) Use APT's ftp method, you'll get better results if your cache is
     already this bad. 
  4) Try setting acquire::http::pipeline-depth=0 

Basically every 'transparent' web cache I've seen is pathetically bad, to
the point that the people who make them need to be seriously wounded
somehow :P


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